Screwpop – Magnetic Pickup

Screwpop™ – Magnetic Pickup


SP011 (clamshell)


Screwpop™ Magnetic Pickup is always great to have and could save the day!

The Magnetic Pickup incorporates a super-strong Neodymium magnet… which is the strongest of its kind in the world.

Our Magnetic Pickup is great for retrieving lost items in awkward or hard-to-reach places.  Simply attach to a rope, chord or other and simply lower to reach the impossible!

Magnetic Pickup is also great for grasping very small parts that prove stubborn by hand!

Great for:

Retrieving Lost Tools

Picking-up Small Objects

Sticking on Refrigerator

Magnetize to Tool-Box

Using as a Temporary Anchor

and more!!!


Material – Aluminum Body & Stainless Steel (insert/gating/rivets)

Size – 1/2″ x 1” x 3 1/8″

Weight – 0.7oz



Q – Is the Magnetic Pickup strong?

A – Yes.  It will generally pickup small tools such as hammers, pliers and etc.


Q – What else can I pickup?

A – The Magnetic Pickup is also great for getting a hold of and separating tiny parts from other things.


Q – Where can I stick the Magnetic Pickup?

A – Basically it magnetizes to any metal surface: refrigerator, toolbox or other.


Q – How else can I use the Magnetic Pickup?

A – It can be used as a temporary anchor for leveling, hanging light objects and etc.