Screwpop® – Screwdriver MINI

Screwpop® – Screwdriver MINI




Screwpop® Screwdriver MINI is a continuation of our commitment to developing only the best lightweight, compact and cliapable keychain tool design.

Like its predecessor (Screwdriver Original), Screwdriver MINI is easy to use and is great for all types of tweaks, repairs and adjustments… and uses a strong neodymium magnet to retain the custom Phillips/Flathead bit.

It also fits any standard single-tip bit on the market.

Just some of the many applicaitons used by customers with specialty bits have been:

  1. Adjusting the inside of gas pump mechanisms
  2. Turning on / off satellite receivers on vehicles in remote areas
  3. Deflating equestrian vest that inflate to prevent injury
  4. Resetting time clocks for workplace management
  5. Opening specialty storage compartments on tractor trailors

Our Screwdriver MINI is indeed a great companion with a very small foot-print.

Great for:




Sporting Equip.

Camera Equip.

Adjusting other Tools





Material – Zinc Alloy (Body) & Tool Steel (Bit)

Size – 3/8″ x 1 1/8” x 2 3/8”

Weight – .7oz



Q – How much smaller is the Screwdriver Mini design compared to the original?

A – Overall… 1/3″ less in weight and size.


Q – Will I get as much torque as the original Screwdriver design?

A – No, but it still packs a great punch!


Q – How much torque does this tool really have?

A – The Screwdriver Mini has enough torque for light duty driving, adjustments and tweaks.


Q – What happens if I lose the bit?

A – Simply source a 1″ single-tip bit at any local hardware store. Specialty and security bits can be purchased online or at specialty retailers.


Q – Is the tool just a screwdriver?

A – Screwdriver Mini can be used for a variety of other needs such as scoring, light pryiing and scraping.