Screwpop – Chapstick Holder

Screwpop™ – Chapstick Holder


SP010 (clamshell)


Screwpop™ Chapstick Holder is the first and most rugged ointment retainer of its kind on the market!

The Chapstick Holder works with most any standard tube.  Our sleek design even incorporates and “easy adjustment” feature which allows the tube to be advanced while in the holder –making it a cinch to use!

The Chapstick Holder not only keeps ointment with you always… it  opens bottles too!!!

Simply attach to your keyring, carabiner, cord or other.

Never have dry lips again!

Great for:






and more!!!


Material – Stainless Steel w/ yellow brass (Eyelet)

Size – 13/16″ x 13/16” x 2″ (without Chapstick)

Weight – 0.7oz



Q – How firm is the Chapstick Holder grip?

A – Very firm… no worries!


Q – What Brands of ointment work with the Chapstick Holder?

A – It seems to work with all brand of tubes we tried.


Q – Is the Bottle Opener easy to use?

A – Yes.  The Bottle Opener easily swings out!


Q – How does the Chapstick Holder retain the tubes?

A – It uses friction fit engineering for a pressure fit.


Q – How do I adjust the ointment while in the Chapstick Holder?

A – Simply twist the bottom of the tube as usual!