Screwpop® – Pliers

Screwpop® – Pliers





Screwpop® Pliers are ultra compact, rugged and clip almost anywhere in just seconds!

Our design focuses on function, grip, light-weight carry and compact design… with maximum torque for any small fix.

Pull a nail, twist a bolt, tighten a cable… Screwpop® Pliers will fix it.

Screwpop® Pliers clip to: keyrings, straps, cords, backpacks and more!

Great for:

Bending small rod

Removing stubborn staples

Pulling bike cables

Holding small objects

Tightening / loosening nuts & bolts and more!!!


Pliers: Stainless Steel

Size – 1/4″ x 1 1/4” x 3”

Weight – 1.3oz



Q – Are the Pliers for light duty use?

A – Yes. The design is very durable and works great for minor repairs.


Q – Will the Pliers rust?

A – The Pliers are designed to be rust resistant for a variety of applications.


Q – Is the Bottle Opener easy to use?

A – Yes! It’s very effective.


Q – Are the Pliers bulky to carry?

A – No. We designed the Pliers to be ultra-compact yet very functional… you’ll probably not even notice them on the keyring!


Q – How easy are the Plies to unclip?

A – Surprisingly, very easy to attach and remove quickly!