Screwpop® – Tether™

Screwpop® – Tether™

(Universal Key Holder and Organizer)


Screwpop®  Tether makes attaching, removing and carrying your keys made easy.

The Tether™ uses an revolutionary anchoring system.  It’s completely “tool-less” and requires only your hands to fully assemble and/or disassemble.  

Included are four different sized industrial-grade O’rings.  Each O’ring can stretch up to 300 percent it’s original size, and the largest can hold a total of 24 keys (plus bottle opener and keychain attachment).

Avoid loosing parts or cumbersome assembly requirements with other key holders, Tether™ never loosens over time or needs maintenance due to the rubber-band like effect of the industrial grade O’ring.

Tether™ is entirely made from precision CNC milling.  Replacement o’rings can be easily and readily sourced (replaced) at most all hardware stores to ensure you get years of solid use.

It’s time to put something new and useful in your pocket — Make life simple!

Great for:

Everyday Carry

Special Key-sets

Organizing Keys

Removing Clutter from Pocket

Visually Makes Keys Easy to Find and Identify

Simple to Add or Remove Keys (tool-less)

Industrial Long Lasting Design


Material – Main Body (6061T6 Aluminum) + Bottle Opener and Keychain Attachment (420 Stainless Steel)

Finish – Anodized Main Body and Natural Stainless Steel Parts

O’ring –  Buna Nitril (70%) — 4 sizes (150, 152, 153 & 154) / Holds up to 24 Keys

Small O’ring (150) — Dimensions: 2-7/8″ID X 3-1/16″OD X 3/32″CS

Medium O’ring (152) — Dimensions: 3-1/4″ID X 3-7/16″OD X 3/32″CS

Large O’ring (153) — Dimensions: 3-1/2″ID X 3-11/16″OD X 3/32″CS

X Large O’ring (154) — Dimensions: 3-3/4″ID X 3-15/16″OD X 3/32″CS

Product Size – .375″ x 0.5” x 3.25”

Product Weight – 0.9oz

Patent Pending


Q – What is the purpose of the Tether™ O’ring?

A – The O’ring acts like an industrial rubber-band as it holds all the components nicely together.

Q – How do you assemble Tether™?

A – 1. Wash hands to make free from oils/lotions. 2. Affix O’ring to nub and string through body, keys, bottle opener, keyring attachment and around body to opposite second nub – tether. 3. Use a writing pen (if needed) to help pull and stretch O’ring during assembly. 4. Make sure O’ring is not twisted when assembling for best results – untwist.

Q – Is the Tether™ bulky?

A – No.  We designed Tether™ to be not only easy to use, we made it ultra-light and compact.

Q – How long will the Tether™ O’ring last?

A – The O’ring should last the life of the product… but can easily and quickly be replaced by visiting most any hardware store.  The o’ring sizes are listed on this product page for your reference!

Q – Do I have to use the Bottle Opener or Keychain Attachment when assembling Tether™?

A – You can assemble the Tether™ in any configuration you want.  You may have to use a “dummy-key” (in order to fill-in one side) if you have uneven amount of keys.