Screwpop® – Pipe Tool

Screwpop® – Pipe Tool


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Screwpop® Pipe Tool is a pipe smokers DREAM.  It’s an ingenious (5-in-1) design that includes: Bic Lighter Holder, Tamper, Rod, Scraper and Bottle Opener.

Pipe Tool is engineered to quickly (and comfortably) fold-out with ease.  Light, tamper, light, tamper… then fold back together – Simple!

Pipe Tool is constructed from high quality stainless steel with yellow brass eyelet.  Made for years of use, this design is rugged yet streamlined.  Put it in your pocket, bag or connect to keyring / carabiner.

It opens micro-brews too!

Great for:

All Pipe Smokers



Special Events

Fits in Pocket, Bag and Attaches to Keyring / Carabiner



Material – Stainless Steel with Yellow Brass Eyelet

Finish – Natural

Size – 1″ x 1.125” x 2.125” (without lighter)

Weight – 1.8oz (without lighter)

Patent Pending


Q – What makes Pipe Tool different than other tools?

A – Pipe Tool is designed to eliminate wasted energy when switching between tools (especially lighting and tampering).  It also keeps all tools together in one place so they’re easy to find and carry.

Q – What type of lighters fit in Pipe Tool?

A – Pipe Tool is designed to fit standard-sized BIC Lighters.

Q – How long do Standard BIC Lighters last?

A – Standard BIC Lighters last for approximately 60 minutes of continuous burn-time each.

Q – Do the tools fold-out easily?

A – Yes.  We designed the Pipe Tool to open / close very easily and smoothly.

Q – How does Pipe Tool feel in the hand?