Screwpop® – Hit Kit™

Screwpop® – Hit Kit™




The latest in compact and highly functional pocket tools… Hit Kit™ is an innovative all-in-one — pipe, stash and standard BIC® lighter holder.

Hit Kit™ is a well organized and essential everyday-carry item for those who enjoy the “greener” things in life.  No more searching for or losing your stuff – It’s all in one place!

Simply preload the bowl, snap-in the lighter… and, Hit Kit™ is ready to ride in your pocket or bag.  Easily slide-out the lighter (from the end) and reorient the pipe for your smoking pleasure.  

Hit Kit™ can be used at just about any occasion.  Don’t be without it!

Great for:







Special Events

and more!!!


Material – 6061T6 Aluminum (Anodized) and Flex Steel Wing (E-Coated)

Size – 1 1/8″ x 1 1/8” x 3 1/2″ (with lighter inserted)

Weight – 3.0oz (with lighter inserted)

Patented Pending


Q – Does Hit Kit™ get hot?

A – No!  The thicker space-grade aluminum walls keep the pipe very cool.


Q – Will Hit Kit™ keep the stash secure and minimize the smell of a partial smoked bowl?

A – Yes!  The lighter fits perfectly inside the Hit Kit™ and keeps your stash completely secure and the smell almost non-existant.


Q – Does Hit Kit™ feel good in the pocket?

A – Yes!  We focused on designing Hit Kit™ to be as slim as physically possible for your carry needs.


Q – How well does Hit Kit™ draw?

A – Surprising well… we engineered Hit Kit™ to be a top performance product.


Q – Can I use a larger diameter screen?

A – Yes.  The screen is sandwiched between the upper and lower portion of the Hit Kit™.  Strong neodymium magnets keep the pipe secure and closed.


Q – How does it feel on the mouth when smoking?

A – Hit Kit™ is very comfortable and butts-up against your face… while keeping the saliva foot-print to an absolute minimum.


Q – How hard is it to snap-in and remove the BIC® lighter from the Hit Kit™?

A – Snapping-in and removing the lighter is extremely quick and easy.  Yet, it stays securely closed when in the pocket and doesn’t let any stash fall-out.


Q – How do I take apart, clean and insert screen?

A – Simply open the unit (with your finger, coin or other article) to easily clean and to insert screen.  Use a pipe cleaner or Q-tip (tear most of the fuzz off the ends) and stick inside… works good.  DON’T BOIL IN WATER AS THAT WILL DEGRADE THE MAGNETS!


Q – How many cache stash compartments are there?

A – Hit Kit™ has 4 cache stashes: Bowl, Upper Cache and 2 Internal Caches.