Screwpop® – Lighter Holder

Screwpop® – Lighter Holder



Lighter Holder Sizes


Screwpop® Lighter Holder is truly an innovation in the realm of portable fire.

Engineered to fit BIC® (Standard or MINI), our Lighter Holder is guaranteed to not only help you to keep track of your fire but also find it quickly.

Great for bug-out bags, work belts and for stowing in all sorts of places… fire is just another tool.

Comfortable in the hand, the Lighter Holder is easy to use while clipped or unclipped. Lighters are securely held in place by friction-fit tension and won’t fall-out under normal use.

The Lighter Holder fits on keyrings, cords or straps for maximum transportation.

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Material – Stainless Steel (Solid)

Size – 1/2″ x 1” x 2 1/2″ (without lighter)

Weight – 1oz




Q – How useful is the Lighter Holder?

A – It’s one of those products that hits you by surprise and you’ll love once it’s by your side.


Q – Where can I clip the Lighter Holder?

A – The Lighter Holder can be clipped virtually anywhere. Be clever as it can either ‘hook’ into or ‘clip’ around objects in any environment.


Q – Will the lighters fall-out of the Lighter Holder?

A – No! The Lighter Holder securely holds the lighters in place under tension… very firm fitting.


Q – Does the Lighter Holder fit BIC® Standard and MINI lighters?

A – Yes!  Our Lighter Holder fits both BIC® Standard and MINI Lighters.


Q – Why would I need to insert the lighter with the “striker-end” facing  inside the Lighter Holder?

A – This prevents excess dumping of butane that may occur for users who plan on more rugged use.