Screwpop – Ashtray

Screwpop™ – Ashtray



Introducing the world’s first “cigar centric” ashtray!

Screwpop™ Ashtray keeps your cigar in the spotlight and your stogie in the sweet-spot for a most unique and pleasant cigar smoking experience!

By simply orienting the cigar perpendicular to the smoker (longways facing), the Screwpop Ashtray showcases the stogie in “presentational form”. You can now admire, enjoy and monitor your stogie between puffs: tobacco leaf, label design, burn, ash and rising smoke.

Geared for a single smoker (but don’t be fooled), its compactness allows for several Screwpop Ashtrays to fit comfortably on a table. Ideal for casual group smoking, parties and business meetings… it’s sure to impress!

The Screwpop Ashtray includes an ingenious “ash knocker” (for clearing the cigar-foot before relight). It also offers a well-placed tapered slot (shown front) for cigarillo enthusiasts alike.  Even use the Cigar Rest as a place to put cutters, punches or lighters after smoking a gar.

Made from ultra durable matte-finished (solid) melamine, the Screwpop Ashtray is sure to be your new favorite cigar smoking accessory!

Great for:

Cigar Rooms


Special Events





Material – High grade Melamine (black)

Size – 1.25″ x 4” x 5″

Weight – 8oz

Patent Pending


Q – Will the melamine material chip, burn or fade?

A – The Ashtray is made from the highest quality melamine material that is engineered not to chip, burn or fade.


Q – How big of a cigar can fit in the Ashtray?

A – The Ashtray is designed to universally fit all ring gauge sizes.


Q – How do I use the Ash Knocker?

A – Simply orient the cigar at an angle to the Ash Knocker and rotate the cigar (with finger and thumb) in a barrel manner to clean the foot of the cigar before relight.


Q – Is the Ashtray compact for travel?

A – Yes.  The unique design easily fits into suitcase or bag.


Q- How hard is the Ashtray to Clean?

A – The Ashtray cleans-up very easily to look like new!