Screwpop® – 3Way Ashtray

Screwpop® – 3Way Ashtray



It’s all about the smoke!

Screwpop® 3Way Ashtray keeps your cigar in the spotlight and your stogie in the sweet-spot for a pleasant cigar smoking experience!

Screwpop®™ 3Way Ashtray simply reorients the “cigar rest” sideways — the smoker can now better admire the cigar: tobacco leaf, label design, burn line + ash and rising smoke.

Geared for a single smoker (but don’t be fooled), its compactness allows for several Screwpop™ 3Way Ashtrays to fit comfortably on a table (one for each smoker).

The Screwpop® 3Way Ashtray includes an “ash knocker” (for clearing the cigar-foot before relight). It also offers a well-placed tapered slot (shown front) for cigarillos.

This curiously compact ashtray makes it ideal for travel and patio smoking… where real-estate for a larger ashtray design may not permit.

Holds pipes nicely too!

Made from ultra high-grade durable (matte-finished) solid melamine.

The Screwpop® 3Way Ashtray is sure to impress!

Great for:

Cigar Rooms


Special Events





Material – High grade Melamine (black)

Size – 1.25″ x 4” x 5″

Weight – 8oz



Q – Will the melamine material chip, burn or fade?

A – The 3Way Ashtray is made from the highest quality melamine material that is engineered not to chip, burn or fade.


Q – How big of a cigar can fit in the 3Way Ashtray?

A – The Ashtray is designed to universally fit all ring gauge sizes.


Q – How do I use the Ash Knocker?

A – Simply orient the cigar at an angle to the Ash Knocker and rotate the cigar (with finger and thumb) in a barrel manner to clean the foot of the cigar before relight.


Q – Is the 3Way Ashtray compact for travel?

A – Yes.  The unique design easily fits into suitcase or bag.


Q- How hard is the 3Way Ashtray to clean?

A – The Ashtray cleans-up very easily to look like new!