Screwpop® – Chopo™

Screwpop® – Chopo™




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Screwpop® Chopo™ is our second generation twin-blade cigar cutter to date.

The Chopo™ could easily be mistaken for a straight edge razor upon first glance. Our compact design is achieved using a folded-wing detail that dubs as finger grips.  It safely closes into place under a high quality friction-fit design… so it can travel with you.

This well thought-out design includes an enlarged eyelet, thin washers on each side, amazingly flat metal and very sharp blades.  In concert, these changes keep the cutter wings aligned more closely over the entire cutting arc.  This translates into a superior clean cut on any cigar.

The Chopo™ fits on a keyring or carabiner clip and includes a snake-knot lanyard for your pocket.

It opens bottles too!

Great for:

Cigar Rooms



Special Events





Material – 420J2 Stainless Steel

Eyelet – Yellow Brass

Size – 1/8″ x 1.5” x 3”

Weight – 1.4oz




Q – What is the purpose of the lanyard?

A – The lanyard helps to stabilize the Chopo™ in your hand when cutting cigars.


Q – What’s the best method for cutting through the middle of a cigar or thicker end of a torpedo?

A – It’s best to use a two handed approach for a smooth clean-cut.  The dominant hand should hold the Chopo™ with the aid of the other hand for added pressure.  This is will help keep the Chopo™ in perfect orientation for an exceptional clean cut!


Q – Is the Chopo™ bulky?

A – No, no… and no!


Q – How does the Chopo™ stay shut?

A – The Chopo™ works under tension so it stays closed but is easy to open.


Q – Is the Chopo™ easy to use?

A – Yes!  The Chopo™ is designed to be used either on or off the keyring.