Screwpop® – Parallax™ Wallet

Screwpop® – Parallax Wallet™




In today’s market of over complex wallets, Parallax™ is a more simplistic and streamlined approach for your EDC needs.

Parallax™ is built to last and feels great to carry.  The open face design helps you to quickly find, remove and reinsert cards with ease.  The low-profile design effortlessly tucks inside your pocket.  Yet, it doesn’t easily fall-out… due to the slight grip of the rubber o’ring.

Parallax’s™ side bumper indexes cards to a uniform position, while stabilizing the wallet in your hand. And, the ultra-durable industrial o’ring holds cards firmly in-place for a lifetime of use!

Using the latest in RFID technology,  Parallax™ includes a customized RFID Block Card. This card protects your information from pesky data pirates.

Machined from a solid billet of space-grade anodized aluminum (6061-T6), Parallax™ includes a bottle opener for microbrew lovers!

Great for:


People who want functional simplicity… and a lightweight wallet!



Material – 6061T6 Aluminum (Anodized)

Size – 5/16 x” 2 1/8″ x x 3 3/4″

O’ring – AS568-132 B70 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 70 Duro O-Ring

Weight – 1.5oz (with RFID Blocking Card and O’ring)

Patented Pending



Q – What’s the best method to get cards to rest perfectly on the side bumper.

A – Simply insert cards… then lift up on o’ring and push cards to bumper.  Let o’ring snap down for perfect alignment.


Q- How many cards Parallax™ hold?

A – The wallet can hold 5-6 cards (plus bills) on the top-side and 10 cards (plus bills) on the bottom-side.


Q – How does the RFID Blocking Card technology work?

A – The RFID Blocking Card scrambles and bounces back the signal that is emitted buy RFID Readers.


Q – Does the RFID Blocking Card require batteries?

A – No. The RFID Blocking Card Is passive and works without batteries or other power.


Q – How far away does the RFID Blocking Card protect the data on your cards?

A – The RFID Blocking Card can help protect data on your cards up to 2.36 inches away.  Simply position the RFID Blocking Card either on the bottom, middle or top of the wallet.  As long as it’s within the 2.36 inch blocking distance… the data on your cards is more secure.


Q – How many O’rings does each Parallax™ come with?

A – Each wallet comes with 2 industrial grade O’rings.


Q – How do I clean Parallax™?

A – Simply disassemble the wallet in seconds and clean with water and soap.


Q – What is the cutout for in the middle?

A – The cutout helps to insert cards and is a bottle opener too!