Screwpop® – Cigar Punch 3.0

Screwpop® – Cigar Punch 3.0





Screwpop® Cigar Punch 3.0 is the connoisseurs ideal smoking tool.  It opens tasty micro-brews to quench the most intelligent of palettes and cuts cigars with ease.

The Cigar Punch 3.0 is compact, lightweight and clips to almost anything — making it the most portable cigar cutter ever conceived.

This easy-to-hold barrel design makes using our Cigar Punch 3.0 a cinch. Its stainless steel tubing cuts effortlessly through leathery tobaccos for an enjoyable smooth smoke with lots of draw.

Your friends (and even your enemies) will be envious of this tool!

Great for:

Cigar Rooms



Special Events





Material – Aluminum Body & Stainless Steel (insert/gating/rivets)

Size – 1/2″ x 1” x 3 1/8″

Weight – 0.75oz

Patent Pending


Q – I like the Cigar Punch but where else can I clip it?

A – Our unique gating feature allows the Cigar Punch to be clipped in to the eyelets of zippers, cords and straps… so it can fit on coats, bags and other objects.


Q – How is the cap secured on the Cigar Punch?

A – The cap is securely held in place using threading and an O-ring seal.


Q – Is the Cigar Punch easy to use?

A – Absolutely! The Cigar Punch can be held firmly in the hand and turned side-to-side to cut the cigar.


Q – Can I leave the Cigar Punch outside with my ashtray and will it rust?

A – The Cigar Cutter is rust resistant as it’s made from solid aluminum and stainless steel parts.