Screwpop® – Toolkey™

Screwpop® – Toolkey™





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Screwpop® Toolkey is a 15-in-1 cutting edge multitool that is sure to add to your everyday carry.

The Toolkey is ergonomic, slim and ultra-light in your pocket.  Its array of functional tools span a wide variety of needs while maintaining an unprecedented footprint.  Plus, the design is made from metal injection moulding (MIM) manufacturing process.  This is the most advanced production process known to date that yields an exceptional finish and detail, all in a one-piece design.

If you’re in need of a screwdriver, serrated edge, file, wrench, bottle opener and more… Toolkey is your EDC solution!

Toolkey also incorporates a strong neodymium magnet, so it can be attached to a refrigerator, toolbox and more… yet fits on a keyring, carabiner and is slim enough to slip inside a wallet.

Toolkey is also TSA compliant for those who like or need to travel.

Great for Cutting:








and more!!!


Stainless Steel

Unibody Design

Size – 1/8″ x 1 5/16” x 2  7/8”

Weight – 0.65oz

Neodymium Magnet

Patent Pending


Q – Does the screwdriver fit both Phillips and flathead?

A – Yes.  The screwdriver is a dual design that works on both Phillips and Flathead screws.


Q – Does the serrated edge cut well?

A – Absolutely.  The semi-serrated edge is great for cutting rope, twine…etc.


Q – How does Toolkey stack-up against other multitools?

A – Toolkey has more features… and is the most ergonomic and compact design on the planet.


Q – What is metal injection mould technology?

A – The MIM process is state of the art casting technology.  It uses a special process that yields the most accurate, flawless and durable product imaginable… far superior over any other casting process.


Q – How many degrees is each dot on the protractor?

A – Each dot is a 5 degree measurement… spanning 180 degrees (36 dots total).  Be sure to put the crosshairs over the horizontal line, so it aligns with the two lowest dots.  The vertical line also needs to match the cross hairs for drawing accurate angles.


Q – Does the Bottle Opener work well?

A – Bottle caps are a cinch to open with Toolkey.