Screwpop® – Inkbiner™

Screwpop® – Inkbiner™



Screwpop® Inkbiner™ was designed to be essential to your everyday carry and communication!

Inkbiner™ fuses the best elements of a writing pen along with the added benefits of a carabiner clip.  This ultra-light, utilitarian design is functional and portable.  Simply unscrew (from the main body) for quick and easy access.  Plus, it feels great in the hand: scribble, write, brainstorm and draw.

Replacing ink refills in Inkbiner™ is quick and simple… using a Phillips screwdriver.   Standard universal refills (2.75″ long) are also readily available on Amazon in many colors.

Inkbiner™ also sports a “handy” bottle opener… convenient for any occasion.

Never, be without it!

Great for:

Writing Notes

Drafting Stories

Emergency Letters

Signatures on Forms and Documents


and more!!!


Material – Aluminum Pen (Anodized) and Zinc Alloy Body (E-Plated)

Size – 3/8″ x 1” x 3″

Weight – 1.0oz



Q – Where do I buy “ink refills”?

A – The 2.75″ long ink refills are available on Amazon in many colors.


Q – How many ink refills come with the product?

A – Inkbiner™ has 2 ink refills… one is installed (in the pen) and the other is a spare (in the packaging).


Q – What tool do I need to change the ink refills?

A – A standard house-hold Phillips #2 screwdriver works best.


Q – What’s the best way to open pop-top drinks?

A – It’s best to really grip the Inkbiner™ in your hand for more control… and open bottles slowly for best results.


Q – What other things can Inkbiner™ clip onto?

A – Small straps on bags, zippers and other latchable locations… clip Inkbiner™ to it!