Screwpop® – Flashlight 2.0

Screwpop® – Flashlight 2.0

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Screwpop® Flashlight 2.0 is one of the most powerful and reliable keychain products on todays market.

Outfitted with a super bright 15 lumen LED bulb (powered by four – AG3 batteries), the Flashlight 2.0 illuminates any dark environment in just one simple turn.

The Flashlight 2.0 is great for “hands free” applications by clipping it to any anchor point in countless situations where two hands are needed myriad of useful applications.

Never been in the dark again!

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Material – Aluminum

Size – 1/2″ x 1” x 3 1/8″

Weight – 0.75oz

Lumens – 19

Burn Time – 22 hours

Bulb Life – 100,000 hours

Batteries – Four AG3



Q – How long does the Flashlight last?

A – The Flashlight should burn for five days and its intensity will slowly taper over this time.


Q – Is this Flashlight really bright?

A – The Flashlight incorporates the most powerful bulb design on the market and will blow you away by the brightness!


Q – Where do I get replacement batteries?

A – Inexpensive batteries can be purchased easily on the Internet or in stores — takes four “AG3 Batteries”.


Q – How does the Flashlight turn on?

A – The Flashlight uses an on/off rotating switch. The thin paper film that covers the top of the batteries (inside the shaft) must be removed upon purchase to make the Light operate.