Screwpop® – Screwdriver (magnetic)

Screwpop® – Screwdriver (magnetic)




Screwpop® Screwdriver (magnetic) is the world’s best lightweight and compact driver ever.

It’s more than just screwdriver – it’s compact like a “key” and functions as a back-up bit holder too!

Screwdriver (magnetic) works with any standard single-tip bit on the market… that translates into compatibility with any driver pattern on the planet for a wide variety of needs and applications:

  1. Adjusts other tools that are often used and need tightening
  2. Screw on / off face plates and other such items often found on the job-site
  3. Functions as a back-up bit holder…  bit can be quickly switched-out and inserted into a power drill driver for more rigorous applications
  4. Fix items in a remote setting or on a whim
  5. Pair with a bit set in a bug-out bag for times of need and urgency

Designed for maximum torque with an easy-to-hold design , the screwdriver will undoubtedly come in ‘Handy’.

Packaged with our custom Phillips/Flathead bit, the Screwdriver (magnetic) also comes with a 3 inch black carabiner clip.

Take it wherever you go… it’s TSA compliant.

Great for:




Sporting Equip.

Camera Equip.

Adjusting other Tools





Material – Zinc Alloy (Body) & Tool Steel (Bit)

Size – 7/16″ x 1 3/8” x 1 7/8”

Weight – 1.0oz



Q – How much torque does this tool really have?

A – The Screwdriver has enough torque to drive most any screw not under heavy loads.


Q – What happens if I loose the bit?

A – Simply source a 1″ single-tip bit at any local hardware store. Speciality and security bits can be purchased online or at specialty retailers.


Q – Is the tool just a screwdriver?

A – Honestly – No! The Tool can be used for a variety of other needs such as scoring, prying or scraping or used as a makeshift punch — a true multi tool of sorts.