Screwpop® – Magpulse™ | Cigar Cutter

Screwpop® – Magpulse™ | Cigar Cutter


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The latest in compact and highly functional tools, Screwpop® introduces – Magpulse™ | Cigar Cutter, a revolutionary force in cigar cutting technology.

Magpulse™ capitalizes on the delicate balancing of dual magnetic forces of ultra-strong neodymium rare-earth magnets, in concert with a semi-friction brake, that is designed for a controlled closing of the cutter.

Simply press (and hold) the centralized trigger to experience Magpulse™ thrust open for the first time through “repulse” magnetic force phenomena.

Once fully deployed, Magpulse™ stays in the open position using magnetic “attraction” onto small metal tabs that are embedded (trigger side) in the main body.  These small metal tabs serve to anchor the cutter assembly open.

When releasing the trigger to close the Magpulse™, the trigger-stem functions as a “semi friction-brake”.  The brake force is applied on the bottom face of the movable slider blade.  This prevents the cutter from falling closed once the attraction force is broken.

Together… the repulse, attraction and semi-friction brake work in harmony for a smooth and controlled premium cigar tip cut.

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Body Material – 6061T6 (aerospace) anodized aluminum

Blade Material – 440C Stainless Steel (58HRC)

Size – 0.375″ x 2.125” x 2.625″

Weight – 3oz

Patented – Utility Patent (USA)


Q – Can the Magpulse™ be unscrewed and taken apart?

A – No.  The cutter is screwed and Loctite glued… so it can never be disassembled.


Q – Will the neodymium magnets degrade in strength?

A – No.  The neodymium magnets will only loose 1 percent of their magnetic force over a 100 year period.


Q – Will the neodymium magnets ruin my debit / credit cards?

A – No.  The neodymium magnets should not destroy your cards.  Typically, it’s only much larger magnets (bigger magnetic fields) that cause things to degrade… like a speaker next to an old T.V.


Q – Does the Magpulse™ use springs to thrust it open?

A – The Magpulse™ uses magnetic repulse force (strong neodymium magnets) to open the cutter.


Q – Will the Mapulse™ get clogged?

A – No.  We have incorporated “tiny slits” on the main body to allow the ejection of tobacco debris from inside the cutter.


Q – Is the Magpulse™ safe to carry in your pocket?

A – Yes.  The Magpulse™ trigger has to be depressed and held down firmly for it to deploy.  Any obstructions to the magnetic thrust will prevent the cutter from deploying.


Q- How long did it take to design Magpulse™?

A – It took 2 years to design, engineer and complete the Magpulse™ concept.  We spent an extra 1 year just sourcing a proper blade factory.